Monika Ciernia

HornzMonica Ciernia saxophonist/composer from Poland and Bavaria – learnt to play 7 instruments and saxophone became her favourite one. After an intensive study of jazz, Pop-music, composition and a musical stay abroad in the USA she had three university degrees in her hand of the music universities of Munich and Vienna. She already composed and arranged for Stefanie Werger, Wolfgang Ambros, Erwin Schrott, the Munich opera festival, orchestras ASO, TV series Marien’s court (ARD) and various films. As a saxophonist she belongs to one of the most-booked musicians of her field in the German-speaking area. She performs with own projects like Melotronic, The Cat Pack and CK4, or as an ensemble member in the Bavarian jazz orchestra, with Don Menza, Big John Whitfield, Sebastian Grandits, Holter & Mogyoro, Bella Wagner, and much more. She has stage experience in more than 20 countries, in Venues like the jazz club of St. Petersburg, the concert hall Vienna, the philharmonic concert hall Munich, the opera of Augsburg, and many more. Her musical repertoire encloses jazz, classic, soul, pop, radio, blues, as well as south-European and East European folk.