Live on Stage

14/09  Friday
Pete Simpson (Vocals), Werner Wurm (Hornz)
Martin Wöss (Piano), Patrick Zambonin (Bass)
Andreas Lettner (Drums)
15/09 Saturday
Pete Simpson (Vocals), Werner Wurm (Hornz)
David Lackner (Piano), Werner Laher (Bass)
Andreas Lettner (Drums)

21/09 Friday
Christiana Uikiza (Vocals), Martin Harms (Hornz)
Roland Guggenbichler (Piano),
Herfried Knapp (Bass), Josef Hinterhölzl (Drums)
22/09 Saturday
Pete Simpson (Vocals), Werner Wurm (Hornz),
Fagner Wesley (Piano), Patrick Zambonin (Bass)
Josef Hinterhölzl (Drums)

27/09 Thursday
The Generations Club Vienna
28/09 Friday
Rachelle Jeanty (Vocals), David Lackner (Piano)
Manfred Franzmeier (Hornz),
Peter Schönbauer (Bass), Silvio Berger (Drums)
29/09 Saturday
Rachelle Jeanty (Vocals), Fagner Wesley (Piano)
Manfred Franzmeier (Hornz),
Peter Schönbauer (Bass), Silvio Berger(Drums)

Opening times:
Friday and Saturday from 7pm
On the 14th of September we will be open from 8pm

AP Memberslounge (Bar)
Tuesday to Saturday from 8pm